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Things to follow while using the forum:-

1) Make sure you always be polite in your communication.
2) You must not break low.
3) you must not Advertise on this site as this is a free discussion forum.
4) You are allowed to have only one user name even if you are owning multiple companies.
5) If you need to change the username you can contact
6) If you have forgotten the password try to retrieve using ( forgot my password ) link. If it does not help then you can send mail to
7) You can not sale, transfer, inherit or purchase your SystemAdminTalk account. Your account is yours only and you can not allow anyone to use it for free for any purpose. It has to be named by you only.
8) Shilling is strictly prohibited and there is 0 tolerance against it. If you are caught doing such activity your account will be permanently banned. A shill can be friend, relative, employee, owner or you pay someone to do such kind of active and such person pretend to be a customer of your company and put comments for your companies services and satisfaction.

SystemAdminTalk reserve right to disable, or terminate any account or any post or entire thread if the terms mentioned are violated.
SystemAdminTalk reserve rights to move post to any department without any explanation.

You can contact our support if you have any query regarding our rules or anything else.

General rules:-

1) User must be very polite in his communication. You must not use any kind of abusive words or any kind of slang language. There is 0 tolerance against it and user may be disabled or permanently deleted from the forum without any notice.
2) You are agree not to spam our members direct or indirect. If we find any kind of spam or abusive active from any account your account will be disabled or removed permanently from our form.
3) Do not ask anyone to suggest or give reference of your product. This is again not allowed in our forum.
4) You can not share your logion details with any one as your account is your responsibility. SystemAdminTalk will not be responsible for any activity happened because of sharing login details, getting disclosed the login details knowingly, unknowingly or by any other way. Its your 100esponsibility to keep it confidential and make sure that no illegal activity does not happen.
5) This forum follows only one language ( English ). Any communication done through forum or any details shared in text(post, PM, signature, titles etc..), soft link, attachment, images or any other manner must be in English language only.
6) You must follow signature rules. If the signature rules are not followed or signature is used as spam your account will be subject to termination or may get disabled.
7) Any kind of Cross-posting is strictly prohibited.
8) In any manner you must not ask anyone to suggest your service or put recommendation about you in the forum neither by free nor by paying to someone.
9) Its is strictly prohibited to put posts on behalf of any disabled or removed users. Doing so will be subject to disable or termination of your user as well.
10) There is 0 tolerance against pornography, sexually explicit, gross violence or any illegal activity. You must not put any post of link or website or any image which contains pornography, sexually explicit, gross violence or any other illegal activity.
11) You must have 7 helpful posts to start using hyperlink in your account.
12) You must have 7 helpful posts to start using system emails, PMs, Member profile details. If we find that you have not use meaningful posts and tried to circumvent by putting meaningless posts. Your account will be disabled.
13) You can not put any post to debate the terms of SystemAdminTalk. If we find any post, it will be removed without any comment and your account will be disabled.
14) If any abuse detected towards our team or management then your account will be disabled or terminated.

Rules applies to all forums:-

1) You are agree not to publish, promote or discuss products of services of your company, employer, friends, clients, partners or anyone associated with you.
2) You must not put useless message or post or any other say to keep the thread live and top of the forum.
3) You must not put any information in the message which redirects to your own website,
4) You must not put your personal contact details like phone, email or chat ID in the message and ask anyone to contact you directly.


1) We do not advertise any adult content, or anything related to adult website or business.
2) Any advertise is subject to approval of management.
3) Free advertise is subject to approval of management.
4) You are agree to follow the requirement of advertise to put your advertise on our website.

Rules for Advertise forum category:-

1) Any advertise posted by you must conform with the law of India
2) Advertise is limited to 5 days per category and it includes all of
3) You must be a member for at lease 5 days before staring to advertise on the advertise forum.
4) You must have at least 10 useful posts in forums before staring to advertise on the advertise forum.
5) We strongly suggest to read all the rules before you start using the forum, including announcements.
6) You must not pass judgement or any criticizing comments of any advertising thread.
7) You are allowed to use maximum of 3 colours and font sizes.
8) Advertising and Discussion of any other services then IT (Information Technology, Server management, webhosting, support ) are not allowed. The post will be removed if we find any other advertising.
9) If we find any attempt to deceive our members, your account will be disabled or terminated without any notice.

Rules for user profile, Locations, signature, titles:-

1) These are the features of your profile and it can be edited by login to your account.
2) We do not allow any forms of advertising like contact details, website URLs, phone numbers, service plans in your title and names.
3) Your title and names has limit of 30 characters
4) You can not use any form of advertising in the location field. You must use correct location field. We may do cross verification of details you have provided if we feel so.
5) You are agree not to use pornography image, sexually explicit and graphically intense images. You must use relevant images like your photo, company logo etc...
6) You must not include illegal encouragement, harassment, sexually explicit, or other non-family-friendly content in Profile summary.
7) Signature

  • You can start using signature after you have made 8 helpful posts and 5 days of registration of your user

  • You must add signature in your profile instead of putting it manually in each posts. Your signature has to be consistent in all the posts.

  • Signature must not contain any word related to offers, also you must not include details related to sales, plans services etc.

  • You are not allowed to use any word describing the case of plans or services.

  • Signature may contain 3 smiles or 2 animated smiles

  • It may include only 2 links which are clickable

  • I may include 3 colours excluding black

  • The font size must not be larger than 2

  • You can use maximum of 3 lines in the signature.

  • You must not include links to other threads. The link will be removed or your account will be suspending failing to follow this rule.

  • You can not sale, rent or allow anyone to use it for free in another account of the forum.

  • SAT(SystemAdminTalk) reserves rights to ask you to change signature or disable your account without any notice.

Other Policies:-

  • Failing to follow these rules will subject to account disable or termination. We reserves the right to do it without notice.

  • If we find any legal action taken against SAT (SystemAdminTalk) or anyone related to it like staff, members. Your account will be disabled.

  • If we find any payment reversal then your account will be immediately disables or terminated.

  • We do not disclose details of any user to anyone until and unless it not ask by government or court for any kind of legal procedure. Though we reserve rights to disclose details or user to legal authority for any kind of legal procedure.

SystemAdminTalk is not responsible for any kind of illegal activity happened by you or any other person through any way. However, if you find that the activity is not done by you. You can contact support with proofs and our team will help you with that.

SystemAdminTalk reserves rights to modify these terms anytime. It is sole responsibility or user to keep himself/herself updated with the update of terms.
SystemAdminTalk reserves rights to disable or terminate any account anytime with or without notice.

Note:- These rules applied to all categories of this forum including Private Messages.

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