Drive pool Discussion about Windows server and Desktop management.

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Drive pool

by harpal » Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:46 pm

I have one harddisk of 500 GB. In which I have create 2 partition c: 50 GB D: 450 GB. My data is in D: Drive.
Now D: Drive is full and I want to extend the D drive space without format it. I am ready to add New hard disk but size must be allocated to D: drive.
How can we extend size of drive (like concept of lvm) in windows server ?
Harpal Gohil
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Re: Drive pool

by Rony » Tue Jun 09, 2015 4:26 pm


First of all go to “Start” and then on the window that appears search for “Computer” and then once you right-click on it another window opens and then you should navigate to the option “Manage”.

Windows 7 Start Menu

At once a new window will open entitled “Computer Management”. In this new window click on “Storage” and then go to “Disk Management“.

Partition Hard Drive Without Formatting in Windows 7
The completion of the second step will give you a view of all the drives present in your computer.

Windows 7 disk management
Among these select the one you want to partition. Then right-click on the selected drive and navigate to the option “Shrink Volume..”.

Create partitioin without formatting hard drive in Windows 7
A new window should open in which the size of the drive before shrink will be mentioned and the available space to shrink will be mentioned , and in the next line you will be asked to enter the amount of space you want to shrink and this will be the size of the new partition.

Caution :The space you enter must be within the limit of the available space displayed above.

Set the partition volume in Windows 7
After entering the values click on the option “Shrink” and wait for the process to complete. The time taken for the operation may be long depending upon the size of the disk and the space to be shrunk. Once the operation is completed a window appears showing unallocated space and the value is exactly the one you entered earlier. Select this unallocated space and on right clicking on it click on the option “New Simple Volume”.

Create New simple volume in Windows 7
A wizard will open up. Go through the wizard and fill in the values required. Usually the value needed to enter is the same one that you entered as the volume to be shrunk.

The drive newly created needs a letter to be assigned to it. Assign any letter of your choice as it does not make any difference.

A Format page will appear and in it carefully notice that the File System selected is “NTFS” . After this is done enter a name for your drive and then click on “Next” and then “Finish”.

New Volume File Format
You have reached your goal. You have partitioned your Hard Drive in Windows 7 without formatting your computer and without the use of any software. Feel free to drop your comments in the comment box.
Rony K,
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Drive pool

by Michaelkap » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:19 pm

Brilliant idea

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Re: Drive pool

by Arun_SAT » Wed Feb 12, 2020 10:19 am

1. Open Windows 10 Disk Management.
2. Check out the C drive.
3. Now right click C drive and select "Shrink Volume" option
4. Now, you can enter the amount of space to shrink and then click "Shrink" button.
5. Enter amount of space to shrink.
6. You can see some unallocated space when the shrinking process is completed.
7. Now, right click D drive.
8. Click on the "Extend Volume" option.
9. Ready to go

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