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Who invented cell phone.

by SagarD » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:14 am

Invention of cell phone
Forty-one years ago, Martin Cooper, an engineer for Motorola, had an audacious idea: He wanted people to be able to carry their phones with them anywhere. Sure enough, in April 1973, Cooper—who’s now credited as the “father of the cell phone”— became the first individual to make a call on a portable mobile device. The phone weighed more than two pounds :shock: :shock: , and it took 10 hours to charge it for a mere 35 minutes of conversation. It was a far cry from today's sleek handheld devices—and with its $3,995 price tag :!: , it was hard to imagine it ever becoming a crucial tool in everyday life, used by everyone from jet-setting businessmen to elementary school children. :ugeek:

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