Pros & Cons to Shared Hosting Discussion about all kind of shared hosting requirements.

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Pros & Cons to Shared Hosting

by SagarD » Wed Jan 06, 2016 4:22 pm

whats_shared_hostnigShared Web Hosting means that one physical server and the allocated resources hosted on that server are shared between many users. Actually, on the shared hosting platform each user has his own limit on particular services like disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, databases etc.

On the other hand, all performance resources on a physical machine (server) are shared. The RAM and CPU, the single Apache server, the single MySQL server and the single Mail server are on a shared basis.

Shared Web Hosting is the most economical way of hosting a website simply because expenditures per machine are covered by more users. Due to the favorable ratios these savings trickle down to the customer.

disadvantagesWhen it comes to the disadvantages of shared hosting, the biggest problem is the limited resources at your disposal. Sharing a server is sharing system resources with other users on one physical machine and therefore every user has some restrictions on their service. For example, if any of the users on the shared server uses a lot of traffic, CPU cycles, email capabilities etc, you or other individuals on the same machine are likely to experience worse shared hosting performance. One more downside is not being able to install modules and programs on the server you need in order to run your own web site and scripts. The shared server is maintained by the companies’ administrators to satisfy the average clients’ needs. This restriction may cause you problems if you need a module for your scripts that is not installed.

advantagesThe advantages of shared web hosting outweigh the disadvantages for most people. Of course, if this service will fit your needs depends on the size of the web sites hosted. The greatest advantage is the lighter price which is also a decisive factor for most of the buyers. The second nice advantage is that you don’t need to perform technical maintenance on the server when running programs. For close to ninety percent of all web sites, shared hosting is the proper solution. This is so because it is cheaper and does not involve Linux administration skills. Using shared web hosting requires of the user to upload his website or web based system and configure it to work. All shared hosting providers offer their services with a user-friendly web based Control Panel, so it is easy to upload your site, create email accounts and a database. Shared Web Hosting saves time and headaches because somebody else is taking care of the server maintenance, therefore it is the preferred choice for smaller web sites.

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Re: Pros & Cons to Shared Hosting

by Rdube123 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 1:08 pm

Yups you shred information about share hosting its so nice. I think Share hosting is affordable for those who are new and start there business on internet.

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Pros Cons to Shared Hosting

by AllenMib » Sun Oct 27, 2019 9:37 pm


What will the best hosting plan be so I can host about 10 domains each with their own Web pages. Also to be able to have more than 1 domain pointing to 1 page.


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Re: Pros & Cons to Shared Hosting

by hardy » Mon Oct 28, 2019 12:25 am

What is your monthly budget?
Which hosting are you looking for Linux or Windows?

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